Are you ready to check out the new song of FNAF games? Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 has been out, and now it offers brand new lyrics, and melodies called Break My Mind! That sounds so amazing! The song is going to break your mind for a certainty just as the title says! This time, the song of the fourth chapter is completely different from the previous ones, from the beat, lyrics to the video!
While listening to it, you can hear that the beat is getting stronger and faster, along with the lyrics which are longer than the former ones. Also, the game causes another impression on our mind due to the rap parts, and the small part was sung by a kid’s singing voice, expressing his fears, and he’s longing for the help. However that is just a specific part done by the kid, the whole lyrics sound like the challenges of the animatronics sending to that child, featuring the final part showing the tutorials on how to survive for 5 nights. The song is so addictive and catchy! Click to listen to it by yourself now!

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