Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Song – Die In A Fire (FNAF3) – Living Tombstone

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 has been one of the greatest hits made by Scott Cawthon. Now, let’s listen to its song named Die In A Fire – the Living Tombstone, which is currently able to download for free and get its instrumental if you want. The song is so catchy and addictive, let’s take a closer look at its basic information now!
Die In A Fire (FNAF 3) is a song sung by Eileen Montgomery featuring the guitars by Orko. The official music video is produced by NewClank with the lyrics assistance by MontyClu. Similar to other songs of the previous versions, the song was written, composed, mixed and mastered by talent Yoav Landau. The lyrics cause the strong impressions on the listeners. All the hateful feelings, resentful feelings are expressed in the song which can release the anger of the players whenever they get jumpscared. All the characters will appear in the video, so let’s check it out now! Hope you like this song!

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