Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Song: The Living Tombstone

Shall we continue to explore the song in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2? Let’s listen to The Living Tombstone, which is another version of FNAF song from the second chapter of FNAF series. This time, there will be new staff joining in the producing of the song. Let’s take a look at it now!
The Living Tombstone in this chapter 2 was written, composed, mixed and produced by Yoav Landau, arranged by Aviya Dor-Kolan, Orko, Yoav Landau, sung by Aviya Dor-Kolan the guitars parts by Orko. Possibly speaking, the song can make us feel sad and depressed because of the sorrowful lyrics expressing the remorseful feelings towards the child who was a victim of the secret slaughter. The song includes two verses and the chorus part going well with the sad melody. The video also shows the lyrics below the screen, so you can read and feel the sadness. Listen to the song now if you are a big fan of FNAF 2!

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