Toy Chica’s Cupcake Creator!

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Use the mouse to click on the elements and decorate your cupcake in the game

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Toy Chica’s Cupcake Creator!

Any Chica’s fans out there? If you love this character in Five Nights at Freddy’s game, you must check out Toy Chica’s Cupcake Creator to experience more interests!
Are you ready to organize a cool party with Chica? Let this fan-made game bring you a bunch of amusement! Chica is about to make some of tasty Toy Chica’s cupcake, and she needs your help. With various elements like color, eyes, cup types, you will have to choose your favorite ones then decorate your cupcakes. Sounds so interesting! This game can help you increase your creativity and decorating skill. When you finish, you can press Go button and then the “jumpscare” performance done by cupcake you made will begin. It will be funnier if you take a screenshot, save the picture and share with your friends! This is the best game for those who are big fans of Chica and Toy Chica. Play it now and experience more. Have fun!


  1. Puppet Stallin says:

    Cupcakes are scary:)))

  2. Jumpscared by a cupcake …

  3. Jumpscared by a cupcake …

    Hey! the creator of this website good job on this web page but please add five nights at anime 1 and 2

  4. sarah says:

    cupcakes are scary
    #fnaf fan forever

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