The Only Night At Redster’s [IT’S PLAYABLE :O]

Light Switch
Game loaded, click here to play the game!
Launch the game with key S. Open camera with key C, use key D for closing it. You can find out how close the animatronics are to you by using key R, B key number 1 and key R for Redster, Bonzi, Ross, and Jason respectively. Press key Z to toggle the door, and key 9 for toggling the vent.

Game Details

The Only Night At Redster’s [IT’S PLAYABLE :O]

Feel free to check out another awesome FNAF fan game named The Only Night at Redster’s! You will have a new confrontation with a lot of animatronics, such as Redster, Bonzi Bunny, Jason, and Ross. You have a door and vent which can be closed down, so you can toggle either of them for your survival whenever you hear strange sounds or laugh. Also, you must recharge the power of your door to use it for later times. You have to stay in the office of the scary building from 12 AM to 7 AM and there is only one night to survive. Good luck!

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