Shootout Showdown – FNAF Shooter Game

Light Switch
Game loaded, click here to play the game!
Click to shoot and switch rooms. Press Down or S to reload.

Game Details

Shootout Showdown – FNAF Shooter Game

With this awesome Shootout Showdown – FNAF Shooter Game, you are given the real weapon to destroy all of the FNAF Game’s dreadful robots which have ever disturbed and threatened your life. Are you ready to check out and prove your shooting skill? The main aim is to remove every enemy without fail in the shortest time. Remember that you can reload for free! Therefore, you should do that during the battle. If you run out of the bullet before launching the next shot, you can be killed immediately.

There are many rooms in this FNAF game. You can switch your position to find the target. Also, prevent them from wandering too far. When you detect the prey, you should act quickly and exactly. You will lose if the energy bar reaches zero.

Let’s play and see who will get you! Try to collect the best score after the combat ends! Have much fun!

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