SECOND Beta Version! Foxy Flash GAME

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Use the mouse to control and interact with Foxy in this Foxy Flash game

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SECOND Beta Version! Foxy Flash GAME

Grab a chance to explore the Second Beta Version! Foxy Flash Game, which is created and developed by a loyal fan. This is a good occasion for Foxy’s fans checking out various activities. Up to now, there has been a wide range of FNAF games online made by fans and other supporters to show their love to the original ones. And this Foxy Flash game is not an exceptional case! The game will center on Foxy – an animatronic coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Like we knew before, Foxy was such a weird animatronic that we had hard times for dealing with him in the game. His main position is Pirate Cove, and he requires us to check on him regularly enough to let other animatronics have more time to do their business. In this game, you won’t have to keep an eye on him via camera anymore! Let’s go and have some fun with him. You can talk to him, hug him, mess with him or do anything you want. However, be careful when teasing him, or else you might get jumpscared, resulting in a game over. Are you a Foxy lover or a Foxy hater? Enjoy your game now!

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