Purple Massacre Flash Game

Light Switch
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Use key A to shoot the enemies Press key D to use the knife and stab the enemies

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Purple Massacre Flash Game

Who could believe that Phone Guy can hold a gun, grab a knife to kill incoming enemies? That’s what happens in Purple Massacre Flash game online created by a fan! Phone Guy is considered as a “nice tutorial” to the player who is working at the Freddy Fazbear’s pizza restaurant. This guy will tell you basic guidance at the beginning of the game which can help player understand the upcoming threats and dangers caused by creepy animatronics. But this time, in the game he is ready to kill animatronics and Freddy! That’s unbelievable! You need to give him a hand to complete his mission. There is a bunch of enemies, including Freddy coming to his way. Therefore, you are supposed to use the knife and hold the gun tight to shoot and stab the foes. Be watchful! The speed of game increases gradually, so you have to tap key A and D repeatedly to defeat the targets. Don’t let Freddy get close to you, or else your game will end instantly. Play this FNAF game online right now!

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