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Use the keyboard for typing the name into the box then check out the result showing Freddy’s crush.

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Freddy’s Love Calculator

Are you a big fan of Freddy? Do you want to know the probability to have a relationship with him? Join Freddy’s Love Calculator, which is a FNAF game made by a fan now! As we know, Freddy Fazbear is a protagonist in Five Nights at Freddy games. He could be viewed as a “powerful leader” of a team including these members, himself, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and so on. Freddy is the most aggressive and creepiest animatronic that is hard to tackle with. He will become very hostile and active from nights 4 and onward, or maybe even from night 3. However, you won’t get that fear from him anymore in this wonderful fan-made game! You will have a chance to explore the probability of getting in a relationship with him. Just type your name or the name of people you know into the box, hit Enter and the result will appear, along with the texts expressing his feelings. Alright, let’s start the game and see who his crush is!

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