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Foxy’s Love Calculator

Any Foxy’s fan out there? Let’s stimulate your inspiration with Foxy’s Love Calculator now! Surely this awesome FNAF game online made by fan brings you enjoyment! We already know that Foxy is kind of a strange animatronic who usually sits at the Pirate Cove in order to make the player check on him frequently enough so that other animatronics will have more time for their actions and movements. How special he is! He partly wants to be noticed, but partly wants to be free! And when he gets to your play, he usually strongly bangs on the door then takes his leave after that. That’s a cool teasing! Well, in this fan-made game, you will find out the love compatibility between Foxy and the one you know, maybe even you! Just type the name of the one you want into the box, and then press “Enter”, the result will pop up instantly showing the percent of the compatibility. Let’s see if you can get the highest score or not! Have fun, guys!

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