Play FNAF Ultimate Custom Night and Free Download

Play FNAF Ultimate Custom Night and Free Download

Start your creepy adventure once again with the newest installment of FNAF series called Ultimate Custom Night. The game has just been released by Scott Cawthon a few days ago, and it quickly draws the attention of many players, especially the fans of Scott games. Ultimate Custom Night is described as the Ultimate FNAF mashup, and you can download it for free. The game consists of up to 50 kinds of animatronics, you can choose your favorite ones then start customizing them. You can set their difficulties from 0 to 20. The main task here is to protect yourself from all wicked animatronics when you’re stuck in an office alone yourself. Try to fend them off using your abilities, and make good use of your given tools to cope with them, such as A/C, global music box, heater, power generator, etc. Don’t forget to set up some traps in the vents. Also, you can purchase lots of great items from the prize counter using the coins you have collected in the game. The goal here is to survive your custom night!

Download Ultimate Custom Night at here(262 MB)

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