One Night at Bendy 3 (DEMO)

One Night at Bendy 3 (DEMO)
One Night at Bendy 3 (DEMO)

Download One Night at Bendy 3 (DEMO) for free and test your survivability in an exciting FNAF fangame now! Your goal is to escape from animatronic mascots. It’s important to keep you safe from these machines or you will die! Come to One Night at Bendy 3 Gamejolt and you must survive at all costs if you want to become the winner! Remember that you cannot rely on any support from other people! Nobody is found in the dark building where you are trapped. Therefore, you should find something as a tool to defend yourself from those scary creatures. Fortunately, there are some devices that you can select and deploy to prevent them from approaching as in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Along with the dangers caused by these monsters, you are able to face a mysterious puzzle. Are you ready to engage in the adventure and enjoy it alone? Good luck!

One Night at Bendy 3 (DEMO)(89 MB) One Night at Bendy 3 (DEMO) Game Soundtrack(89 MB)

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