Nightmares… will bring you a new world with scary characters that often appear in FNAF 4. Let’s discover this FNAF fan-made game and download it right now!


Nightmares… version 0.1.2

Nightmares v1.2 has fixed bugs such as Game Over, Sound, Nightmare Freddy and more. This version is about the Fnaf games’ Nightmares Animatronics that you, a kid, has ever encountered while you are alone in a dark bedroom. It’s free for you to download! Click here!


Perhaps you know what I want to mention. Nightmares version 0.1.2 is inspired from FNAF 4. And in this time, you will not become the victim or the target of scary robots. But you will play as N.Bonnie, N.Chica, N.Fredbear, N.Foxy, and N.Freddy.

There are four positions that you can appear in the house. If you open the closet, you can see a scary face. Or you can be startled when seeing a head right on the bed. This also happens when you move to the left or the right.

Use double-click left mouse for default screamer. Click right mouse to alternatives screamer(work only N.Chica). Press F11 to windowed mode F12 to full-screen mode ESC to exit the game.

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