Fnafstine 2600

FNAF Fnafstine 2600 Download
FNAF Fnafstine 2600 Download

Fnafstine 2600 is a scary FNAF fan-made game that revolved around the Purple Man. Help him defeat every challenge and reach the exit as fast as possible to win! It’s completely different from the main nights that you have ever experienced in other FNAF games. Download Fnafstine 2600 free and you will have the chance to discover secrets behind the death of 5 kids in the original in a special way! Take part in the story of the character and give that mysterious guy a hand so he is able to enter the door. It is placed on the right-hand side of the track. Meanwhile, there will be a lot of obstacles in Fnafstine 2600 Gamejolt. They are dangerous and they can kill him if he touches them. You’d better jump over these traps carefully or you will lose when he falls freely. His goal is to visit the incoming show and meet up with innocent children, the victim that he selects to murder. Good luck!

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