Five Nights At Treasure Island


Based on the storyline of FNAF games, our fan has already released another fan-made game called Five Nights at Treasure Island which is also an interesting horror adventure game. In this fame, you are put in the shoes of an intern who works at a Treasure Island as a night watchman from 12 am to 6 am. Your name is Jake Smith, and his goal is to survive for 5 nights at this dreadful place no matter what it takes. Similar to FNAF games, there will be some of the security cameras installed at some locations for the player to check on the movement and actions of the costume enemies including Photo-Negative Mickey, Disembodied, Goofy, and other ones. The player is supposed to open the monitor, and inactive the cameras in order to keep surviving. The will be the tutorial given by two people, namely Greg and Lisa to help you how to complete every night. Remember, you are not allowed to leave the office, so try your best and use excellent strategies to survive at all cost. Wish you luck!

Download Five Nights At Treasure Island

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