Five Nights at Thomas’s

More challenges are waiting for you in Five Nights at Thomas’s free online! Be sure to explore this fan-game and see how well you tackle with the missions in the game!


Thomas’s Pizza Railway is known as a wonderful paradise of tasty pizzas at reasonable prices, $5.99, attracting lots of kids and adults to come to enjoy them. Thomas is an animatronic being who will deliver his performances to kids and other people. However, he doesn’t seem himself anymore when the night comes. The whole restaurant will experience a bunch of mysteries at night. That’s why the owners want to hire you as a night security guard, and your mission is to place the coal in a furnace to make sure that the power outage won’t happen, or nothing goes wrong. You are only provided with a flashlight, and you have to keep yourself survived throughout five nights no matter. Thomas can come out and get you at random! Stay alert to him at all costs! Good luck!

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