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Download Five Nights at Thomas’s to experience new creepy adventure! If you did manage to succeed in surviving FNAF games, let’s continue to test your surviving skills with this awesome fan-made game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s. The game takes place at a beautiful and entertaining place in which you can taste a bunch of delicious pizzas and enjoy lots of great performances. These Pizzas cost only for $5.99 for each one, so there are lots of people catching their attention to it. When you come here, you will be recruited as a night employee who works from midnight until the morning. However, this place seems very strange when the night comes, so you – as a worker, try to complete your task by place the coal in a furnace to make sure that no power running out or nothing goes wrong. It sounds easy, but it’s totally not like that. There will be other creepy stuff and enemies coming out to tease and get you. You are only provided with a flashlight which can be viewed as your weapon. Make the best use of it to survive for 5 nights at all cost.

Download Five Nights at Thomas’s

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