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Get ready to download Five Nights at The Chum Bucket then begin your horror adventure now! Inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s game made by Scott Cawthon, this fan-made game will also make us feel panic and dreadful due to the creepy story and exclusive gameplay. In the game, after the tough period that Krusty Krab was ignited to the ground, which was caused by the wicked animatronic employees, there was an evil, malicious controller of robot capturing the only living survivor from this awful nightmare. Now, it’s your turn to help him find out the mysteries! Being trapped inside a building full of hidden dangers and threats like that, possibly speaking, the chance of living is kind of low! However, you can totally do it if you prepare nice strategies and tactics to tackle with the enemies. Their onslaughts might be stronger than we thought, and try to do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive for 5 nights. Good luck to you all!

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