Five Nights at Ronald’s

In Five Nights at Ronald’s, you are a new security guard who works at night and guards Froody’s Fozbear pizzeria. This restaurant is so famous for its delicious pizzas and the wonderful performances done by MacRonalds. However, when the night comes, he turns very weird! He wants to follow other animatronics’ steps so that his restaurant could go popular and more kids; adults will come to this place. That’s when your adventure starts! As a night watchman, you have to spend 5 creepy nights and your mission is to keep everything secured, make sure nothing goes wrong and try to survive no matter what. You should keep track of animatronics by watching their moves over the cameras, stop them from entering your office and beat the death! The game will be a real test your skills. Also, it will bring lots of panic feelings to you. Play the game now! Good luck!

Five Nights at Ronald’s Android

Five Nights at Ronald’s Mac

Five Nights at Ronald’s Linux

Five Nights at Ronald’s


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