Five Nights At Pinkies

Five Nights At Pinkies is the amazing download that you should try once. It is a fan-made game inspired by the popular FNAF series of Scott Cawthon. Let’s play and experience right now!

Five Nights At Pinkies Version 2.3.1

New version! AJ bugs finally fixed! You can download this Five Nights At Pinkies Version 2.3.1 for free here!

Download Now(374 MB)

Five Nights at Pinkie’s is a terrifying game for kids and even adults. In which, you will become the night watcher at the Pinkie’s Cupcakes Corner. And your mission is to check out everything in this place together with all of the ponies animatronics from 12 AM to 6 AM. These characters are a kind of the robots can move and wander around at night. They will not simply do that for fun. But they will find you as a prey. If you can see their sharp teeth, you will die. Don’t worry! The weapon that you are equipped including the cameras and doors along with the limited power. Try to survive and win!

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