Five Nights at Fazbear Storage

Five Nights at Fazbear Storage is an amazing fan-made game opening a brand new story. They are looking for someone who is brave enough to take a job working at Fazbear Storage. Are you up for this? Seemingly, you’re the only one who is able to tackle with this mission! Just to let you know, this storage is a place where all the equipment are kept. Unfortunately, we unintentionally scraped the toy animatronics, so, we decided to leave them alone in the storage and use them later for other situations. But, something wrong with them! We can’t turn all their engines off, and probably they get malfunctioned. Other workers are very scared if these animatronics make their rebellion and attack them. That’s why they need to brave watchman like you to make sure that nothing goes wrong. You are supposed to keep an eye on these animatronics and don’t let them destroy any items in the storage. Also, try to protect yourself at all costs if you are dealing with their attacks. Good luck!

Download Five Nights at Fazbear Storage Demo

Download Five Nights at Fazbear Storage Demo Fix

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