Five Nights At Candy’s

You will have no chance to enjoy delicious dishes in this Five Nights At Candy’s game anymore. But you can eat sweets and play joyously together with scary animatronic robots here. Why don’t you start and explore what is happening in the new location right now? There are a lot of amazing surprises awaiting you.

Five Nights At Candy’s Version 1.2.2

Five Nights At Candy’s v 1.2.2 is free for you to download. Click here!

Download Now(104 MB)

As you know that “No company is without a rival”. And it is the reason that you can visit this Five Nights At Candy’s. This shop takes the old restaurant’s place in the world of entertainment. Will everything go smoothly as the plan of the owner? Something is wrong. And you should explore the hidden secret as soon as possible. Be careful!

How to play Five Nights At Candy’s

To play Five Nights At Candy’s, you can:

Click a camera to see the camera feed. Click again to enable Night Vision. You can switch to other cameras with enabled Night Vision.
The cameras CAM-04 and CAM-06 are pointed right at the other side of each of the doors. You can use Night Vision to know what comes by.
There are three little mini batteries for each door in the office. If the door is closed, they will start to fill up.
The mini-power-meters allow you to know how much power a door uses, and the longer a door is closed, the more power will be drained!

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