Bonnie Simulator 2

It’s possible to download two versions of Bonnie Simulator 2 game! You can enjoy these releases easily after you run the download. Let’s start and get it for free now!

Bonnie Simulator 2 Releases

Bonnie Simulator 2 introduces to you two versions:

Lenny Simulator Version 1.0.0 was released on Jul 16, 2015. It is not the Bonnie Sim. 2. But it’s a good game to keep you occupied. In which, you can see the Lenny face ( ?° ?? ?°) moving around the screen and something.

Download Now(8 MB)

Bonnie Simulator 2 DEMO Version 1.1.0 is the demo for Bonne Simulator 2 released on Aug 1, 2015. The full game is about 90% done. Don’t worry!

Download Now(172 MB)

Bonnie Simulator 2 is inspired by the original FNAF game made by Scott Cawthon. It is based off of the SpringTrap Simulator 101 and other FNAF simulators. And this game is the next sequel of Bonnie Simulator 1.
You will play as Toy Bonnie or Withered Bonnie from FNAF 2. The mission is going to the office and catch the night guard before you run out of time. Good luck!

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